Publikationen 2014

Die wichtigsten Publikationen von FZI-Mitgliedern aus dem Jahr 2014:

Klose, CSN, Flach, M, Möhle, L, Rogell, L, Hoyler, T, Fabiunke, C, Ebert, K, Pfeifer, D, Sexl, V, Fonseca Pereira, D , Domingues, RG , Veiga-Fernandes, H , Arnold, S, Dunay, IR, Tanriver, Y, and Diefenbach A. 2014. Differentiation of type 1 ILCs from a common progenitor to helper-like innate lymhoid cell lineages. Cell. 157:340-356.

Distler U, Kuharev J, Navarro P, Levin Y, Schild H, Tenzer S. 2014. Drift time-specific collision energies enable deep-coverage data-independent acquisition proteomics. Nat Methods. 11(2):167-70.

Gritsch S, Lu J, Thilemann S, Wörtge S, Möbius W, Bruttger J, Karram K, Ruhwedel T, Blanfeld M, Vardeh D, Waisman A, Nave KA, Kuner R. 2014. Oligodendrocyte ablation triggers central pain independently of innate or adaptive immune responses in mice. Nat Commun. 1;5:5472.

Yoshida S, Ikenaga N, Liu SB, Peng ZW, Chung J, Sverdlov DY, Miyamoto M, Kim YO, Ogawa S, Arch RH, Schuppan D, Popov Y. 2014. Extrahepatic platelet-derived growth factor-β, delivered by platelets, promotes activation of hepatic stellate cells and biliary fibrosis in mice. Gastroenterology. 147(6):1378-92.

Docter D, Distler U, Storck W, Kuharev J, Wünsch D, Hahlbrock A, Knauer SK, Tenzer S, Stauber RH. 2014. Quantitative profiling of the protein coronas that form around nanoparticles. Nat Protoc. (9):2030-44